Quality Assurance

A concern for purity runs through our Estate's daily operations - and into every single bottle of Chamonix spring water.

Chamonix and ISO 22 000

Our spring water complies with ISO 22 000 requirements and standards.

Developed in 2005, ISO 22 000 certification creates a single food safety standard that is recognised around the world.

At Chamonix, hygiene and cleaning procedures are monitored daily, quality control is done hourly and our spring water is bottled at source, using the latest machinery and technology to ensure absolute purity, quality and taste.

Some Facts About Chamonix Spring Water

  • Chamonix supplies Woolworths with all their sparkling water.
  • Chamonix is the first co-packer worldwide for Nestle, the world's largest water brand.
  • Chamonix water is certified Kosher and Halaal.
  • ISO 22 000 certified facility